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Nine Worlds (, a subsidiary of Iceland Travel hf (, recognizes that your trust for us is essential for a successful relationship. Protecting your privacy is a responsibility we take very seriously. This Privacy Policy will help you understand how Nine Worlds collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide to us on our website. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.

By using the Nine Worlds website, products, or services, you are agreeing to this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”), in accordance with pt. 1. para. 1., Article 8 of The Act on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data, No. 90/2018 (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”). Terms in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning as in the Act. You therefore Consent that Nine Worlds Processes your Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Policy or as permitted by law.

Nine Worlds collects and Processes Personal Data which customers register on the Nine Worlds website, in addition to information on how customers use the website, i.e. by collecting cookies. Personal Data may also be collected during the booking process, shopping, ordering, payment, and in relation to the issuing of tickets or travel documents.

The collection and Processing of Personal Data collection is for purposes of accounting, billing, auditing, issuing of tickets and credit card verification. Personal Data may be used for security purposes, immigration control and customs enforcement if required by law, administration, quality control, marketing, or legal purposes. Additionally, Personal Data may be used in relation to customer loyalty programs, test purposes, maintenance, customer service and other travel or tour related purposes.

Nine Worlds may use Personal Data for marketing, promotional purposes, and market analysis. When you sign up for offers, purchase services or book flights with Nine Worlds, you consent to be contacted for marketing purposes on a regular basis.

Nine Worlds is permitted to direct marketing material towards parties which have agreed to the Privacy Policy, regardless of whether they have been registered as objecting to having their names being used for marketing purposes via the National Registry of Iceland. However, Nine Worlds customers may always opt out of receiving marketing material from the company. Nine Worlds is always permitted to contact customers with direct information related to particular transactions, even if they have been registered as objecting to having their names being used for marketing purposes via the National Registry of Iceland and also opted out of receiving marketing material from the company.

Nine Worlds may permit its partners to access or Process Personal Data. However, this will only be permitted on a reasonable or legal basis. Additionally, Nine Worlds is permitted to maintain a customer registry and to share it with others for additional Processing, given that Personal Data is treated in accordance with law.

Nine Worlds Customers have the right to have incorrect, misleading, or incomplete Personal Data rectified, erased, deleted or improved upon. Nine Worlds customers have the right to have their Personal Data erased if there is no reasonable basis for it being kept. An exception to this shall be made if Nine Worlds is obliged to keep the data in accordance with law.

Nine Worlds never collects or Processes Personal Data unless it is done fairly, on reasonable grounds or with a legal basis, and makes sure that all usage is done in accordance with good practices of Personal Data Processing.

In case of the Privacy Policy not applying, Icelandic law shall apply.

The Controller of Personal Data, according to para. 2., Article 7, of the Act, as well as pt. 1., para. 1., Article 20, is:

Nine Worlds

Iceland Travel ehf., ID no. 410791-1379
Skógarhlíð 12
105 Reykjavík

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