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See and do new things and try new (weird) food while you travel the world

Indulge your senses

Icelandic cuisine is full of surprises and should not disappoint!

Our main ingredients are lamb, fish, dairy products, and herbs. What makes us especially proud of these products is the quality of our locally-sourced foods. From our famous seafood to our free-range, 100% grass-fed lamb, the taste and quality can’t be beat.

When in Iceland you definitely must try our famous Skyr! Skyr is a cultured dairy product which is rich in protein and low in fat. It is similar to Greek yogurt but is technically a fresh sour milk cheese. The traditional way to consume it is to take the unflavored Skyr and pour plenty of cream over it, topped with sugar or blueberries. Nowadays there are many flavors available and Icelanders usually consume it as any other yogurt.

Some other traditional dishes and foods that are still very popular with Icelanders today are lamb stew (kjötsúpa), roasted leg of lamb (lambalæri), fish stew (plokkfiskur), dried fish (harðfiskur) and our dark and slightly sweet rye bread (rúgbrauð).

Reykjavik offers many quality restaurants and a few of them are even Michelin-recommended. Walking through the city center, you will find plenty of excellent restaurants and many of them offer tasting menus (often paired with fine wines or cocktails) which is a perfect way to try the many different tastes that Icelandic cuisine has to offer. A few of our favorite tasting menus are at Fish Company (Fiskfélagið),  Grill Market (Grillmarkaðurinn), and Moss.

Another great way to experience the local food is to take a food walk through down town Reykjavik. We can’t think of a better way to get to know our local foods, history and traditions than taking a walk with a local guide from restaurant to restaurant and have a taste at each place!