Planning on visiting Iceland soon?

Iceland is open to visitors from other EU and Schengen states, but certain travel restrictions are in place. Preregistration of visitors is required and all are strongly encouraged to download and use the COVID-19 app Rakning C-19. Passengers arriving in Iceland on and after August 19th 2020 may choose either to submit to two screening tests for COVID-19, separated by five days’ quarantine until the results of the second test are known; or not to undergo border screening but instead to spend 14 days in quarantine after arrival.

More information, including testing and quarantine guidelines can be found at

If you are planning to visit Iceland anytime soon, there are plenty of options to make the best of your quarantine and post-quarantine stay in Iceland—and we can help!

Those in quarantine are permitted to take walks, hikes or bike rides with respect to the two-meter social distancing rule. So why not make the most of your five days and practice a little self-care? We even have a podcast all about Iceland, loads of blogs on our website, and playlist of our favorite Icelandic tunes to keep you entertained all the way through. Get more ideas for how to make the best of your quarantine in Iceland Travel’s blog.
And while you’re at it, check out Iceland Travel’s guide to Iceland as a top luxury destination.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to plan your client’s dream vacation in Iceland. 
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